Top 10


  • Archaeological Museum of Aghios Nikolaos
Beautiful antiquities from the Minoan Civilization and the Palace of Zarkos east of Crete.
  • Byzantine Church of Aghios Nikolaos
The 7th century oldest Byzantine Church in Crete with beautiful trescoes at the entrance of the Hotel.
  • Village of Kritsa and “Panagia Kera”
Byzantine church. A beautiful untouched village only 10 km from Aghios Nikolaos. Famous church of Virgin Mary with unique architecture and beautiful frescoes and old icons.
  • The Plateau of Lassithi
The mountain of Lassithi and the Plateau of the Wind Mills with the cave “Diktaion Andron” Birthplace of Zeus, King of Olympic Gods.
  • Spinaloga island Venitian Castle
A beautiful excursion by boat in the Mirabello Bay.
  • Kri – Kri Island
Just across the bay, 2 miles from the Hotel. A natural reserve of the rare wild Cretan goat Kri – Kri.
  • The ruins of Minoan Palace of Malia
The ruins of Minoan Palace of Malia and the excavation site.
  • The Byzantine Monastery of Toplou
The Byzantine Monastery of Toplou with unique icons collection and world famous producer of excellent Wine, Virgin Olive Oil and Cretan Raki.
  • The Knossos Palace
Home of the legendary King Minos with the Labyrinth and the King’s treasures at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. A unique collection of frescoes, paintings, jewellery of the Minoan civilization 2000b.c.
  • The Beaches of Elafonissos and Falasserna
European Union award winning among the 100 best beaches in the world.